25 November 2016

Post Shave 023: Florals in Wet-Shaving Products

Are you a floral scent type of guy?

No? Fear not.

Florals are very important aromatic notes that can and are used in many barbershop scents. Consider lavender for example. Lavender, along with geranium (another flower) are almost always present in classic powdery barbershop scents. In addition to providing that all too familiar powdery scent, lavender and geranium is excellent for sensitive skin

There are several examples of classic floral formulations which have been used for decades. Jasmine is one such floral note that has been used with enormous success by Myrsol.

So, it's very tempting to get caught up in "floral bashing" as a way of affirming ones masculinity...but we may do so at the expense of missing out on a whole array of wonderfully complex scent offerings in traditional wet-shaving products.