2 November 2014

Razor Emporium: Stropping FAQ's

A very clear and concise video on stropping from Razor Emporium. Matt Pisarcik does a wonderful at communicating the do's and don'ts of stropping.

Make sure you watch this video!

30 October 2014

Jammin GI James "Rudy Vey Broncos Color-Themed" Shave Brushes

Nice to see James is back with two remarkable looking Bronco themed Rudy Vey brushes. Sporting a shirt, yes a shirt, and a very cool goatee.... or should I say distinguished?

If you haven't done so already folks, subscribe to James' YouTube Channel here: Jammin GI James

28 October 2014

RazoRock "The Stallion"

Really looking forward to this very exciting collaboration between RazoRock and Anthony "Stallion" Esposito.

Due early December 2014. Stay tuned

RazoRock "The Stallion" from Shave the Man on Vimeo.

22 October 2014

David Gonzalez aka SoSharpDavid

Hi gents,

David Gonzalez aka SoSharpDavid

If you haven't done so already, subscribe to David Gonzalez YouTube channel SoSharpDavid

David is a really sincere guy that makes straight razor shaving look so effortless. 

His enthusiasm for traditional wet-shaving and his willingness to help others is testament to this young man's fine character. His genuine disposition and ernest views is what makes viewing David's videos an absolute pleasure. If you're thinking about getting into straight-razor shaving, this YouTube channel would be a great place to start.

Check him out!

Ginger's Garden "Enigma Shaving Soap" - Review

Check out my latest video review of Ginger's Garden "Enigma Shaving Soap"

30 August 2014

SOTD - Pipes & Slants

iKon DLC Slant
Astra SP
Saint Charles Shave Soap "Pipe Tobacco"
Omega 63185 Black Pure Badger
Have a great day and a smooth weekend gentlemen.

18 August 2014

SOTD - An Old British Scent meets Shavecraft 101

Shavecraft 101
Personna Blue Blade (USA)
Shavemac #177
Truefitt & Hill "Grafton" Shave Cream
Truefitt & Hill "Grafton" AfterShave

2 August 2014

SOTD - Marlborough Country

Muhle R89 - Personna Blade (USA)

Muhle Silvertip Badger

D.R. Harris Marlborough Shaving Soap

D.R. Harris Marlborough After Shave Splash

19 July 2014

SOTD - Nice weekend shave...

Muhle R41 - Open comb with Personna Blue Lab Blade (USA)
Shavemac #177 Silvertip badger
Occams Original Shave Soap 
Occams Original Pre-Shave Original Soap
Thayers Original Witch Hazel
Crabtree & Evelyn Sandalwood Balm

I will be reviewing the Occams Shave Soap and Pre-Shave soaps in coming weeks stay tuned.

1 July 2014

Choosing a Razor Blade: My Top 3

Choosing a blade can be a time consuming business and there are no rules, regulations or laws. As with most things with traditional shaving, making decisions and preferences are totally subjective. As we say in our hobby YMMV, Your Mileage May Vary. 

Obviously performance is critical when deciding what works for you, as is comfort and price.

It’s for this reason that I have singled out 3 blades. I could just as easily have looked at 23 or more blades, but one needs to draw the line at some point.

I have used the criteria of cutting performance, comfort and price.

3. The Astra Astra Superior Platinum, for me, these blades are both sharp and smooth to my face and give a nice shave with little to no irritation. If you have sensitive skin as many men do, then these blades are well worth the time and effort. They are very reasonably priced and widely available.

2. The Polsilver Super Iridium. This blade is sharp and super smooth. I really enjoy these blades and can get about 5-6 shaves out of them. They are quite comfortable but are on the expensive side. These blades are made in Russia and distributed through Procter & Gamble, Poland.

1.  The Feather Hi Stainless blade. These blades are thought to be the sharpest on the market and some men have stayed away from them because they have been know to produce the odd weeper or nick at times. You either love the Feather or give it a wide berth. These blades work for me and I really love them, however the price is quite prohibitive.

Shaving for most men is a daily occurrence and given that fact, these may not be the first choice for many men understandably due to price.

For that reason I would probably go for a Polsilver or Astra Superior IF you shave daily. 

Surprised? Don’t be remember YMMV. 

Before I go, I’d like to mention 3 other blades that on any given day could and in my opinion should be given an honourable mention. I use these blades and really rate them 

1. Wilkinson Sword blades from Germany offer an outstanding balance of edge quality and comfort.  The Wilkinson blade is different from many other blades in that it is coated with a propriety process using chromium, ceramic, and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). 

2. The BIC Chrome Platinum which is well known for cutting smoothly while being rather forgiving. BIC blades are sharper than most of the blades in its price category, but do not have the extreme sharpness of Feathers. BIC blades are gentle on the skin and benefit many men who are still learning proper technique or who have irritation problems from blades that are too sharp. The BIC is also a good choice for more aggressive razors, such as the Merkur Slant Bar.

3. Gillette 7 O'clock Sharp Edge. These are produced in Russia and are definitely not the same as those that come from India. Very smooth, very sharp, very comfortable….

5 June 2014

SOTD - Old School Bad Ass!

Edwin Jagger DE89L 
Edwin Jagger SilverTip Badger 
Feather Blade
TABAC Original Shave Soap
TABAC After Shave Splash
TABAC After Shave Balm

#shave #tabac #sotd

4 June 2014

SOTD - What more can I say!

Edwin Jagger DE89L 
Edwin Jagger SilverTip Badger 
Feather Blade
Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn St Shave Cream
Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn After Shave for Sensitive Skin
Edwin Jagger Shaving @tayloroldbondst ‪#‎shave‬ #sotd

3 June 2014

SOTD - Baby Butt Smooth

Feather AS-D2
Feather Blade
Omega Bristle Brush
Taylor's of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shave Cream
Taylor's of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shave

Feather All Stainless AS-D2 Safety Razor - Review

In this video we take a look at the Feather All Stainless AS-D2 Safety Razor. This double edge safety razor sets the bar high in terms of quality and craftsmanship. Feather of Japan have invested years in developing these precision made safety razors and the end result is the perfect blend of true Japanese workmanship, precision engineering and most importantly superb functionality.

The AS-D2 is made entirely of stainless steel which requires high levels of skill and knowledge to work with.

It is a 3 piece razor for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and high quality instruments.



2 June 2014

SOTD - Fresh and exhilarating!

Feather All Stainless AS-D2 Safety Razor
Feather Blade
Omega Boar Brush 00065
Taylor's of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream
Speick Aftershave Splash and Balm
Review of Feather All Stainless AS-D2 Safety Razor to follow on YouTube...

28 May 2014

SOTD - An Exhilarating Shave!

TABAC Shave Cream, Edwin Jagger DE89L, Men-u Synthetic Brush, Feather blade and finished off with TABAC Aftershave Splash and Balm‪ #‎shave‬ ‪#‎shavelikeaboss‬ ‪#‎sotd‬

26 May 2014

How to Clean a Shave Brush

In this video we look at some simple steps you can take to clean your shaving brush. You'll need a pure liquid soap like Dr Bronner's Pure Castile Soap and white vinegar.

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18 May 2014

How to Break-in a Shaving Brush

How to Break-in a Shaving Brush from Shave the Man on Vimeo.

In this video we look at how to best season an shaving brush. The principles applied may be used across all shaving brush types - boar and badger.

12 May 2014

Comparisons of Synthetic, Boar & Badger Shave Brushes

In this video we take an introductory look at the three types of shaving brush available on the market today.

The boar, synthetic and badger shave brush is an important tool in double edged wet shaving. Men (and women) all over the world are discovering the undeniable benefits of using a shaving brush.

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11 January 2014

Cella Crema da Barba All'Olio Di Mandorla: Review

Cella Crema da Barba All'Olio Di Mandorla

Italian shave soaps have been popular among wet shavers for many years.  They tend to straddle the line between shaving soaps and shaving creams because they contain soap ingredients, but most are soft and putty-like in texture similar to thick creams eg Acqua Di Parma. Recently I tried Cella Crema da Barba All’Olio Di Mandorla, which is another well-regarded example of these classic Italian products.  


This is blog is dedicated to the world of wet shaving, primarily with double edged razors, and men's grooming. Years ago, I found shaving a real chore, in fact, I detested it. I could never really work out why, but shaving to me was an uncomfortable and at times painful experience.

I started to reflect on the millions of men that shaved well before my time and wondered how they got by with a minimum of fuss. Given the technology and advances in material science it was inconceivable that any man should experience anything other than a great, seem-less, smooth and painless shave. I took a good long hard look at my technique and tried to evaluate why shaving was an unpleasant experience.