30 October 2014

Jammin GI James "Rudy Vey Broncos Color-Themed" Shave Brushes

Nice to see James is back with two remarkable looking Bronco themed Rudy Vey brushes. Sporting a shirt, yes a shirt, and a very cool goatee.... or should I say distinguished?

If you haven't done so already folks, subscribe to James' YouTube Channel here: Jammin GI James

28 October 2014

RazoRock "The Stallion"

Really looking forward to this very exciting collaboration between RazoRock and Anthony "Stallion" Esposito.

Due early December 2014. Stay tuned

RazoRock "The Stallion" from Shave the Man on Vimeo.

22 October 2014

David Gonzalez aka SoSharpDavid

Hi gents,

David Gonzalez aka SoSharpDavid

If you haven't done so already, subscribe to David Gonzalez YouTube channel SoSharpDavid

David is a really sincere guy that makes straight razor shaving look so effortless. 

His enthusiasm for traditional wet-shaving and his willingness to help others is testament to this young man's fine character. His genuine disposition and ernest views is what makes viewing David's videos an absolute pleasure. If you're thinking about getting into straight-razor shaving, this YouTube channel would be a great place to start.

Check him out!

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